About the FUT Competition app

the FUT Competition app is designed specifically for the soccer fans. The app allows you to build your own soccer team and improve its skills by getting a higher teamrating. You can buy or win players and place them in your team, effectively improving the performance during matches. Through the FUT Competition app you can subscribe for competitions where you will be competiting with other FUT Competition teams.

  • Build your own in-app team
  • Subscribe for soccer competitions
  • Compete with other teams by playing soccer matches against them through our competitions
  • Follow your matches live through the in-app live report
  • Win players by taking a turn on our unique Spinning Wheel!
  • Win FUT coins by defeating your opponents and by winning competitions!

the FUT Competition coins can be transfered to your favorite console; currently we support both PS4 and Xbox One accounts. Check out our How To page to learn how to transfer your coins to your console, effectively exchanging them for FUT coins

Build your own soccer team


and manage your squad!

Build and manage your own squad by buying or winning new players, increase the team rank and use your skills to defeat your opponents.
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Spin the wheel and win!


Fast and easy

Through our unique spinning wheel you can win new FUT Com players which you can use to either strengthen your team or sell for FUT Com coins.
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Transfer to your favorite console


and get FUT '19 coins!

Use the FUT Competition app to buy FUT Com coins, transfer them to your PS4 or Xbox One console and get FUT '19 coins!
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