How can I create an account?

Once you have downloaded the app, you can create a new account by selecting “create new user” on the lower right side of the login display.


I want to have multiple accounts, is this possible?



How can I reset my password?

On the main display (where your FUT Competition Team is displayed) click on the settings button on the top left side, below the “FutCom Market”. In the settings display, select “Change Password”.


Which consoles are supported by FUT Competition app?

The FUT Competition app can be used for Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.


 Is there an age restriction for using the FUT Competition app?

Yes, you have to be 13 years or older to be able to buy in-app FUT Comp coins and you have to be 18 years or older to use the Spinning wheel.


I want to remove the in-app ads; how can I do this?

We will have an ad-free app available soon which you will be able to purchase in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore.


How can I earn coins in the app?

In the FUT Competition app you can earn coins by either taking a turn on our Spinning wheel or by subscribing to competitions and win by having the best FUT Competition Team.



Spinning Wheel


I want to redeem the value of the player I won; what do I have to do?

Has yet to be answered.


I want to do a spin but I don’t have any coins left in my balance. What can I do?

You can buy or earn coins to add coins to your balance.

See “How can I earn coins in the app”.

See “How can I buy coins in the app”.



FUT Competition Team (FC Team)


Is my FC Team the same as my FIFA 19 FUT Team?

No, your FUT Competition Team is a different team than your FIFA FUT Team.


I want to use my FUT Team player in my FC Team. Can I transfer players from my FIFA FUT Team to my FC Team?

Has yet to be answered.




Can I transfer my coins from the FUT Competition app to my FIFA 19 FUT account?

Yes, you can transfer your coins to your FIFA 19 account. If you want to know how to achieve this please see "How can I transfer my FC coins to my FIFA 19 account.


How can I transfer my FC coins to my FIFA 19 account?

In order to redeem coins from your FUT Competition account to your EA FIFA account you need to sell a FIFA player on the transfer market. Make sure you fill in the exact same numbers as shown in the app, in order for us to be able to buy it from you.  Once the player has been bought by FUT Competition on the FIFA transfer market you will be credited the amount of coins in your FIFA account balance.


Check out our "transfer coins" video for detailed explanation:


How long does it take for  my FIFA player to be bought on the FIFA transfer market by FUT Competition?

It can take up to 24 hours for your FIFA player to be bought by us on the FIFA transfer market.



In-app Competition (under development)


I  want to increase my winning odds during competitions. How can I achieve this?

The performance of your team during competition matches depends strongly on its rating. The higher the rating the better the odds are for you to win matches. You can increase the rating of your team by winning or buying players with high ratings and placing them in your team. See also "How can I get players with high ratings"


 How can I get players with high ratings?

Has yet to be answered.

 When does a competition game start?

Has yet to be answered.


 I have won a competition. How can I claim my prize?

Has yet to be answered.