Guide: how to use the FUT Competition app


With the FUT Competition app you can buy coins which you can convert to FUT coins and transfer to your PS4 or XboxOne FUT ’19 account. The app also allows you to win new players through our Spinning wheel; the playercards you win can be either sold on the internal FUT Competition transfer market or be placed in your squad to improve its rating. Through the app you can also manage your own FUT Competition squad (which is not your FUT ’19 squad), buy and sell players on the FUT Competition internal transfer market and subscribe to competitions.


This guide is divided in 7 different sections, taking you through the use of the FUT Competition app;


  • Create an account and login
  • Team overview (main page)
  • Get FUT Competition coins
  • Transfer coin balance to PS4 or Xbox console
  • Spinning wheel
  • FUT Competition transfer market
  • FUT Competition (under development)


  1. Create an account and login

Before you can get started with the app, you need to create an account. Make sure you use an active e-mail address to which you have access as you will need to verify it by opening the verification link that has been sent to you.

On the login screen, select “create account” just beneath the “Log in” button. Fill in all the fields and click on “create account”. Once you have created an account you will get an e-mail with a verification link; click on it to verify your e-mail address. It is important to do so, otherwise you won’t be able to use the app.

After verifying your e-mail address you can proceed to login by entering your username and password on the login  screen.


  1. Team overview (main page)

Lets get started with the basics. On the main screen an overview of your squad is displayed; the players and the positions they occupy are shown, together with information about the squad. On each playercard (1) you can find a picture of the player, his position and his overall rating. The screen also display s the name of your FUT Competition team, its manager (2) and the rating (3) which determines how good your team will perform during competition games.

From the main screen you can also access different sections and functions of the app, such as buy coins, the FUT Competition Transfer market, the spinning wheel or the competition game. We will get back to these functions later in this guide.


  1. Get FUT Com coins

In order to use the app you need to have some coins in your balance; once you have them you can transfer it directly to your FUT ’19 account (you will receive FUT coins), use them to win more coins by spinning the wheel or even use them to buy players for your FUT Competition squad.

You can either buy coins or get free coins, as shown below;

Free coins

You can get daily free coins by watching a video; after watching it you will be granted 50 coins to your balance. We have a new video every day, so make sure you grab those free FUT Com coins!

On the main screen, select “Buy coins”.


On the buy coins screen, select the last package “50 Free Coins”.

Paid coins

Our prices are competitive and we have different packages varying from 1500 to 15000 coins. Simply press the “buy coins” button on the main screen, and choose your favourite package.